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I'm a Front and Back end Developer with 5 years of professional experience. I have extensive JavaScript development experience with a strong PHP background ("Vanilla" PHP, Frameworks and CMS such as Drupal and WordPress). I have some minimal knowledge and experience with Python, and hope to develop out my Java Skills developing for the Android Platform.


Bachelor of Science CSIT
University of Missouri-Columbia

December 2008


Web Developer
National Center for Telehealth and Technology

Developing and maintaining web sites and applications built on the Drupal CMS. Heavy use of Javascript and related libraries in building on one project (ongoing) using Knockoutjs, Sammy (routing) as well as native JS and jQuery to create a single page app that integrates into a Unity3D application as well as handles the data between the database and Unity for user saved data.


Web Developer
IvyCat Inc.

Primarily using PHP as our toolset, IvyCat works with multiple clients at a time to develop web solutions for their business. Managed as many as 10 simultaneous projects at a time, as well as answer support tickets related to both hosting and programming natures. WordPress was our primary CMS of choice, but many projects included other technologies such as CodeIgniter, Drupal, Symfony and even custom frameworks/setups.

JUNE 2010 - MARCH 2013

Web Developer (Freelance)
BlueSky Solutions

Cold call sales, walk in and write in attempts at selling web services (development). Odd jobs taken up on Craigslist and services like freelancer.com

MAY 2009 - JUNE 2010

Student Computer Assistant
University of Missouri-Columbia

Initially work consisted of minor IT related things such as helping HR staff with computers, printers and other technology, tracking and maintaining the technologies, upgrading systems and software, documentation and basic office duties (Data entry, filing) as needed.

Eventually assisted with running affirmative action reports, building and maintaining database stored records (mostly Access, but some Oracle and PeopleSoft) and update the HR department's website. Updated the old, static site to a more dynamic site, and built several PHP applications for internal use to make certain tasks automated or easier on non-technical employees.

For my Internship (Final Year), designed and developed an internal application for other departments to submit PAFs (Personnel Action Forms) for HR processing (current system was manual). The technologies involved were PHP with an Oracle backend using CodeIgniter (PHP Framework).

FEBRUARY 2006 - MAY 2009

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